Friday, July 28, 2006

Bye Bye Bye!

Becca: omg, I had to take down ALL my Lance Bass posters today. Devastating!

How could Lance Bass be so ruuude? Totally like ruined all my fantasies of making love to him in a spaceship and on the moon and stuff. Now I know he likes peepees, which is sooo lame.

Molly: well, at least it wasn't justin. that would be way more sadder. and can you imagine how cameron would feel? that guy lance is dating is scary tho. like arnold swortengger. did i spell that right?

No, you didn't spel it right! God, Molly, learn to spel. Use a dictionary for once, k? btw, have you heard JT's new song Sexyback? It's sooo fierce! Like, his music is way better than Kevin Federline.

omg, i LOVE that song. but i didn't know k fed had a song. are britney and him doing a duet? that would be cute. but i'm mad that itunes doesn't have jts song. hello, i can't put it on my ipod if you don't have it! gosh.

We should set up a table and start a petition in the quad tomorrow.

wouldn't a myspace petiton be better?


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